Simple easy learning to read write and speak Thai Full time part time in group lesson or private class.School lesson begin from   9.00 am. – 8.00 pm.  Monday –  Saturday 


  •  Interactive Approach 

  •  Flexible classes 

  •  Affordable Rates 

  •  Conducted in English and Thai


  •  Experienced Thai teacher

  •  Ability to speak basic phrases in a very short time

  •  Reading writing and conversation complete course


  • First Level: Preparation for Primary 6 Examination

Advanced Study Modules cover:

  •  Basic reading and writing

  •  Readings on Thai culture and social issues

  •  Newspapers and media

Our Teaching Faculties

Teacher Usanee, Teacher B, Teacher John and Teacher Nat



Prior to moving to Korat in 2009, I posted a request online for information on Thai language teachers and schools in the city. A student of Usanee’s at KRT replied to my request, recommending Usanee and KRT. One of my first stops after arriving in the city was at KRT to register for class. Attending class was a joy. Usanee made learning the Thai language fun and almost easy. After several months of learning, I had to move away due to my employment, but I have just recently returned after 5 years in Bangkok after making further attempts to learn with other instructors. I returned to KRT and Usanee to continue my education as I found the other programs and teachers I utilized lacking. Using the instructional materials which she created herself, her natural teaching ability and her compassion for her students, Usanee has become the most recommended and popular Thai language teacher in Korat.

Scott Roman


I’ve been learning Thai at KRT (with Usanee) for nearly 18 months now.

There are lots of fun steps I’ve encountered on my journey; learning how to tell my first Thai joke with conviction, or asking for things without feeling helpless, or just being able to have basic conversation with Thai people. My next goal is to sing a song in Thai at the Karaoke (this is like having a superpower!).

It’s definitely true you can only learn so much on your own, as it’s easy to get confused with Thai language. Also, the more you learn, the more questions you seem to have, which is good as my lessons are always interesting and are over in what seems like a flash.

The best part of having a good language teacher they’re also a culture teacher. I’ve learnt things I didn’t think I needed to know. Things I did that I didn’t realise were wrong. These are things you need to know if you want to understand why society thinks/acts differently. They are the things you need to know if you want to get more of what you want.

If you’re not sure whether to take Thai lessons, I would say just try it. It removes a lot of the frustration and confusion often felt when you’re going about your day-to-day life in Korat. The fact is, if you enrol in one course, it’s likely that in 3 months – doing 1 lesson a week – you’ll be way better than the majority of the locals, which will put you in good stead. (Sorry locals, but it’s true!)

The last thing I want to add is that when you go to Bangkok, Thai people are always more appreciative of any language skills you have… Since most foreigners living there don’t speak Thai (as they don’t need to), you’ll be given extra special treatment. You can’t say fairer than that!

(August 2015)



Before I moved my life, my belongings to Korat for good I tried to get a clue about the Thai language in my home country already. Tuition was offered by some sort of vocational college for adults, the German teacher being really talented about Thai. We were taught the spoken language only, it helped for a start.

So I came to Thailand with a decent, but still basic understanding of the language and now carried on in my family and with friends, shop operators, staff in restaurants and the like to practice pronunciation, learn and memorize new words.

Some time later I was on a Thai Airways flight to Europe and the stewardess told me right away “I don’t have to guess, you are definitely from Khorat” referring to accent and specific local expressions you would not use in Bangkok…

This was a key experience for me to look for some good tutor in Khorat to teach me the language with foremost importance on writing and reading Thai. With my sketchy Thai language history I now started learning the language from bottom again; it was and still is hard to correct pronunciation mistakes I had made over a decade but the very systematic and logical approach of Teacher Usanee helped and I even enjoyed looking at the complicated rules of the language.

I do remember, though, how disillusioned I was at the point we went into the low, middle, and high classes of consonants and the tutor telling me that tone marks in one consonant class do not represent this same sound but a different tone in another class. For me that was a quite bit of mental work to play through the full system of consonant classes, tones without and with tone marks – I compare this system a bit to music: The musical note G is not a G sound anymore once it is followed by b- flat or #- sharp. I have to pay full attention to my “Thai sounds and tones” all the time same as playing the piano.

I may close here by adding two annotations:

At no point did I ever feel frustrated or bored during my more than 2 years in Usanee’s school, class was always interesting, lively, and highly informative.

And Usanee never got frustrated or helpless with a student like me who makes certain mistakes over and over – then she just rolls the programme back to the time we learned about this problem first, explains again, practices and maybe quietly hopes that by now I did grasp it…

For me, learning here means good and lasting results, fun, and a world of stories, examples, newspaper analysis, Thai culture and so forth which are not necessarily part of my daily life away from the big city Korat.



From: “The wall of chaos” to constructive learning.

Over and over again, I meet westerners who tell me that they, for years, have struggled to learn Thai and almost all tell me that they are only able to attain a very basic level prior to feeling that all progress   suddenly grinds to a halt. Many of these westerners are highly educated people and well experienced in learning new subjects. So, why does learning Thai seem to be so difficult?

Almost all textbooks present the Thai language as a language with a deceivingly easy grammatical structure, verbs having no tenses, no plurals, etc. It seems really easy sailing for people who have mastered European languages. The fact is that these structures do exist, but with (for us) unusual structures. For students who wish to learn written Thai, there are rules on how the different consonants and their corresponding tone-marks determine the tone of the associated syllable. In many books, the words and their tones are presented one by one, seemingly without any system and order. It is difficult enough to remember a few thousand foreign words without having to remember their seemingly random tones as well.

I have been studying Thai on and off for the last six years. The first half-year, I had the pleasure of experiencing steady progress but the following two years were very frustrating. I bought plenty of textbooks and even had private teachers. In spite of these efforts, I felt I was getting nowhere. I had hit “The wall of chaos”. Then one day, a friend gave me the telephone number for KRT.

Constructive Learning at KRT

The first meeting with KRT and Usanee was very interesting as she wanted to map my knowledge of the Thai language. Result: I indeed had a knowledge of Thai, however it was completely scattered and mostly useless for practical use. This corresponded very well with my own feelings and when I was told that we had to build up a solid foundation, this was like sweet music to my ears. Usanee has a very clear system for teaching Thai, some parts requiring hard work and determination by the student. I am happy to say that the work has paid off as I can now read and write short messages in Thai and basic conversations with Thai natives pose no problems. There is no way I could have achieved this by building on my scattered knowledge.

In spite of the above, attending KRT is absolutely unlike an experience of “blood, sweat and tears”. I look forward to the lessons, as we have many discussions on almost any given subject, all of them with a good degree of humor and fun. However, there is one thing Usanee never jokes about and that is her desire in making all her student as capable as possible in the Thai language.



For 7 years I visited Thailand for extended periods of time but my knowledge of the
Thai language was still practically zero. When I moved here permanently, it was
important for me to learn to communicate in Thai as very few people speak English.
Internet learning was not a viable option because the translation is not very accurate.
I came to the conclusion that I needed to go to school.
From my first day at Windsor Language School, I was convinced that I had made the
right decision. It is a nice school with friendly teachers and staff that welcomed me.
The lessons were interesting and the teacher was open to a joke or a question about
Thai culture. The teacher took the time to repeat and to answer individual questions.
She has a very practical way of teaching and her enthusiasm was motivating. It was
a pleasure to learn Thai from Teacher Usanee at Windsor Thai Language school.
Archie Beer

I come from Taiwan. Started learning Thai language at Windsor with teacher John since Nov 2017. John is full of passion in teaching Thai language. It is very interesting course. I enjoy it.

I started my Thai language course at Windsor with teacher John since October 2017. First in a group and since one month one on one. John is a very easy going and skilled teacher. I enjoy my lessons with him and learn a lot. Geng mak John 


I am a Malaysian Chinese. Started learning Thai language at Windsor since July 2017. John is my Thai language teacher, he is a fabulous teacher, kind, helpful, and always being very patient to the doubts I have. It is very fun to be in the class of John as he is very creative, he makes learning easier and more interesting.